Airtime! 1985

It was another glorious day in 1985 San Francisco:

98.2 KJKL filled the airwaves with commercial jingles, product endorsements and crass and crazy FM talk radio. Then it happened: San Francisco’s most outlandish talk-show host, Hank Greene, erupts on the air, assaulting a half-witted caller with the most offensive insults ever uttered by man. The FCC’s most vicious agent with a combover bursts onto the scene, hell-bent to shut down the station by any mean’s necessary. It’s up to the talk show hosts of KJKL The Jackal! to hold it all together. But what can a pill-popping neurotic, a stoner, a tomboy and a dumb blonde possibly do? Free-flowing laxatives, Tourette’s mixed with opera, the local shrew getting her groove back, a chance to ghostbust the station’s resident phantom, and the gross misuse of Señora Naranja’s Spray Tan™. It can only mean one thing: hilarious disaster..

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co-written, directed by
David Britz

written by
Alexander Sandford

Genre: Farce

An extravagant comedy of improbable situations.


Feature film.