Company Launch

+Taiyou and More...

Hey Everyone!

We’ve been working hard at developing the new DVAM slate… and trust us: it’s pretty amazing.  Remember all that stuff from your childhood you would kill to see an awesome version of again?  What about all of those amazing films that you love because you can tell everyone who worked on it really cared a lot about the project?  Want to see those?  Well, don’t worry– we feel the same way.

We’re also very excited to announce (well, at least hint at) DVAM’s newest project on the slate: Taiyou.  We’re currently gathering the creative team to work on this project.  We’re always open to finding new exceptional talent and artists who pour their everything into their work.  Maybe it’s you?  Hit us up on our contact page and send us a link to your work.  We’d love to see. 🙂

More updates to come,


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