Licensed Fool Conservatory

spes sententiam optimam videre vitam est

Licensed Fool Conservatory

In every good story there’s a fool: either a wise fool or a dumb fool — but it is the fool that makes the story special.

Comedy and tragedy are never separated: every good drama has a touch of comedy, and every great comedy has the pathos of real drama.  Licensed Fool Cinema is happy to present three master class workshops for film performers.

Suzuki for Film

“You either have the x-factor, or you don’t.”  False.  Performers who have “it” have cultivated a deep mind-body oneness in which they base their work. Physically challenging, the Suzuki Method has been adapted for film performers to use their bodies as a tool to create engaging and truthful performances, and camera operators and grips seeking to master precision of movement.

Physical Comedy for Film

Why is comedy so hard?  Drama expects an audience to feel any personal reaction to a story, but comedy strives for one response only: to laugh.  This workshop isn’t about slapstick stunts, but a way to work with your body to produce spontaneous, hilarious, and truly human moments.  Comedy is never written but discovered.

Shakespeare for Film

Separating strong performers from the chaff, those who dive into the world of the bard and bring his characters to life know the transmutative power of performing his works.  A personal connection to Shakespeare and mastering the techniques to bring his words to life imbues any actor’s performance — when performing Shakespeare or otherwise.

Physical Comedy for FilmSuzuki for Film

Shakespeare for Film

If Suzuki for Film is the ballet of acting, Physical Comedy for Film is jazz.  Hone your deep understanding of structure with the Suzuki Method, break it all down again and embrace your inner fool with fun, comedic, and insightful physical comedy workshops, then explosively marry the two with the complex and classical characters explored in Shakespeare for Film.  Performer retreats will be offered soon, so please check back.