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What is Physical Comedy for Film?

If you’ve ever acted, you know that many times what’s in your head and what happens when you perform can be drastically different.  Physical Comedy for Film isn’t about pratfalls, tumbling and somersaults; it’s the honing and harnessing the power of mind-body oneness.  It’s about using modern camerawork skills with ancient foolery technique to create a fun, fresh and potent performances.  The Stanislavsky Method isn’t for everyone.  If you are the type that gets too in your head when you perform, this class is perfect for you.

What makes this class different?

So many acting classes for film are more like extended auditions, where you spend less time learning and more time caught in a long-form audition trying to impress an industry professional (not exactly conducive to a sense of play).  These classes are meant to get back to the original reason why actors became actors in the first place: because it’s fun!  When it comes to comedy, the more fun you have and the more you surprise yourself, the more of a seasoned, comedic performer you become.

Who can join?

We encourage experienced performers to join these classes as they are high-level workshops. Proactive performers with a background in acting (theatre/film) will benefit from the techniques developed in class. The course is modified to fit the needs of individual performers.

What are the classes like?

Whereas Suzuki for Film and Shakespeare for Film are structured, ongoing courses, Physical Comedy for Film is made up of individual, intensive workshops that are meant to organically chip away at a performer’s personal blocks.  Classes are made up of fun performance games that turn theory into tangible tools that actors can use with any performance.  Every class is special and experienced only once.  Come as you are, and leave a better fool.

What should I bring to class?

Dress comfortably and be ready to move.

How do I enroll?

Class sizes are limited to 15 people to give each performer individual attention. Before performers join the class, he or she will have a phone interview to gauge individual strengths and needs. The best 15 performers are invited to join the class. If you are interested in enrolling in an upcoming session or to be put on the waiting list, please fill out the form.

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Physical Comedy for Film


David Britz studied dramatic structure, movement and the Suzuki method at the University of Washington, dance and Maori performance at SCAPA (New Zealand) and Shakespeare at NIDA (Australia). He’s taught musical theatre, Shakespeare, the Suzuki Method, and screen acting in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Since classes offered are very physical, we encourages only performers in good health to join. Licensed Fool Cinema or its associates are not liable for any injury. Classes and workshops are not part of an accredited conservatory. The term is used to indicate the milieu of the classes.