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Why act Shakespeare?

What do Judi Dench, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Tom Hiddleston all have in common?  The same reason you want them to narrate your life: they have mastered acting Shakespeare.  A Shakespearean actor’s presence is one that commands attention.  Theater, film and our very language is what it is because of the bard, whose legacy lies imbedded the very DNA of our culture.  If you can act Shakespeare, you can act anything.

Who can join the class?

We encourage experienced performers to join these classes as they are high-level workshops. Proactive and dedicated performers with a background in acting in theatre or film will benefit from the techniques developed in class.  The course is modified to fit the needs of individual performers.  Like the course’s sister classes Physical Comedy for Film and Suzuki for Film, these workshops are fun yet challenging.  Before the session begins, performers will receive a call from the instructor to get acquainted and go over specifics of the class.

What are the ongoing classes like?

Each session consists of 9 classes (a class once a week) with a showcase at the end of the course.  Classes in weeks 1-7 are inspired by one of Shakespeare’s plays. With every new session the plays are changed and rotated through his cannon.   Scenes and monologues are assigned in both week 2 and week 4.  Please join the waiting list to be informed of the next upcoming session.

Date Week Number Inspired by Title Description
TBA WEEK 1 Romeo and Juliet Sonnets and Codes vocalization / decoding the text / delivery
TBA WEEK 2* The Tempest Breath and Movement creating character from breath / mind-body oneness
TBA WEEK 3 Measure for Measure Being Elizabethan creating character empathy / acting the O's
TBA WEEK 4* Twelfth Night Workshopping performers present their work in progress
TBA WEEK 5 Othello For Camera performing Shakespeare for the screen vs. stage
TBA WEEK 6 Comedy of Errors Fool Games truthfulness / organic acting / motivation / bafflement
TBA WEEK 7 Hamlet Discovering Character connecting to character through words / breath and motion
TBA WEEK 8 Creating the Show integrate everything learned into a performance piece
TBA WEEK 9 Rehearsal final rehearsal for the showcase

What do I bring to class?

Whatever you can move comfortably in, along with a pad and pen.  Yoga mats are also great to bring for when you lie down.

How do I enroll?

Class sizes are limited to 10 people to give each performer individual attention. Before performers can join the class, he or she will have a phone interview to gauge individual strengths and needs. The best 10 performers are invited to join the class. If you are interested in enrolling in an upcoming session or to be put on the waiting list, please fill out the form below.

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Shakespeare for Film


David Britz studied dramatic structure, movement and the Suzuki method at the University of Washington, dance and Maori performance at SCAPA (New Zealand) and Shakespeare at NIDA (Australia). He’s taught musical theatre, Shakespeare, the Suzuki method, and screen acting in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Since classes offered are very physical, we encourages only performers in good health to join. Licensed Fool Cinema or its associates are not liable for any injury. Classes and workshops are not part of an accredited conservatory. The term is used to indicate the milieu of the classes.