Admin Production Budgets

Updated: 04/17/16

The types of budgets for The Women of Shakespeare splits into three types:

  • A-Budget: covers the film production expenses at proper union rates, with a 4.5 week schedule;
  • B-Budget: This calculates a union rate, but it’s not comfortable and completing production more challenging. Shoot schedule is 3 weeks.   Everyone on this shoot is getting paid enough to keep them committed, and the remainder of their rate is made as an in-kind donation;
  • C-Budget: This is the minimum cost that we can produce this.  This is a 12 day schedule with non-union rates. Everyone on this shoot would have to take their absolute minimal rate with making the remainder of their rate an in-kind donation, and some would have to make an in-kind total for their total rate. This is a recipe for hard work, tears and stress, and there is a risk the quality could drop.  A budget lower than this will result in quality loss.  Prep will happen for free and will we will need to allocate more time for this process (so people can do the work in their off time).

The budgets for marketing and the program cannot be further adjusted.


Pilot Program Budget

This is the cost of doing a prototype at the very lowest budget possible.  Everyone works on a meager stipend and the budget would have to be supplemented by in-kind donations.  Helena and Ophelia will need about $20,000 to be possible.  In an ideal world, we would get the amount justified in the individual budgets.

Download Pilot Program Budget: $57,715

Film Budget

This calculates the costs of shooting all 12 vignettes together.  B-Budget has been calculated to be 82% cost of the A-Budget, and C-Budget is calculated to be 62% of the cost of the A-Budget.

Download A-Budget (4.5 week union shoot): $1,498,657

B-Budget (3 week union shoot): $1,228,899

C-Budget (12 day nonunion shoot): $929,167

Education Program Budget

This calculates the costs of the education program (e.g. orientation, wrap party, etc.) and general operating support.

Download Education Program Budget: $147,228

Marketing Budget

This is the budget for marketing (website, PR, festivals, etc.).

Download Marketing Budget: $70,759


Total with A-Budget: $1,774,359

Total with B-Budget: $1,504,601

Total with C-Budget: $1,204,869