Ashanti McGee, Executive Producer

My introduction to live Shakespeare was in the summer of 9th grade. Students and adults alike sat on the grass and watched the actors on the stage. We watched The Merchant of Venice at sunset and the stars enveloped the sky towards the end. I had read Shakespeare, but to see it in this environment made it come alive. When David approached me with working with him on this project, I immediately feel in love with its direction, intention, and delivery. I was reminded of that sweet summer day in the amphitheater.  The Women of Shakespeare reinvigorates the stories of these timeless figures and engages audiences, old and new, to see them in an immersive experience.

Ashanti McGee

As a fundraiser in the arts community, The Women of Shakespeare is a dynamic funding opportunity that creates a new form of dialogue about classical theater and literature that can help theater groups, educators, and burgeoning Shakespeare lovers by encouraging classical literacy and comprehension, building emphatic relationships, and providing hands-on experience in film creation and implementation. Understanding these concepts are crucial to learning, which in turn can provide a more literate public. Working with students in the creation of The Women of Shakespeare will also create employment for filmmakers, which is important as the US transitions to more creatively driven fields of employment.

The Women of Shakespeare has potential to introduce a host of new viewers to this timeless writer’s works, by creating a fresh new concept of the classics. More importantly, the choice to focus on women, David Britz captures these women so carefully and respectfully in these vignettes, acknowledging them and lovingly interpreting them in all hues and fabrics; from orchestral sound to the visual image. As the nation supports womens’ empowerment, The Women of Shakespeare came at the right time. As a visual artist and former brass player, I have an appreciation for the great detail David places in every aspect of his directing. Leaving no stone unturned, The Women of Shakespeare addresses all of the arts that are required to create such a compelling work.

It is imperative to give a new generation the opportunity to fall in love with Shakespeare as so many of us have. Your involvement will help us get closer to this goal.

                                                                                                               —Ashanti McGee, Executive Producer


ASHANTI MCGEE  – (executive producer/arts advocate)

Ashanti McGee is an arts fundraiser and advocate living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up as an Air Force brat, experiencing new cultures and people shaped her curiosity in the arts. Ashanti McGee serves on the board of the Las Vegas Contemporary Arts Center and is an avid supporter of the arts, by teaching and assisting artists in grant writing. She was selected as the Nevada representative of the Western States Art Federation 2014 Emerging Leaders of Color. Hoping to bring more funding to the arts, she also served as an advocate to increase arts funding through the National Endowment for the Arts. In her spare time, she loves reading and euphonium solos.