A licensed fool was the only one who could criticize the king without fear of punishment.  Our mascot, Jane Foole (the only known female court jester), represents this type of freedom of expression and inner passion.  Passion becomes purpose when it aligns with how you can better the world.  I’ve always burned with a fire for meaty, meaningful roles for women.  I knew that by collaborating with other dedicated filmmakers of all genders to create films showcasing substantial, rewarding roles for women, we’d be inspiring the world to be better.

Lack of education is the cause of much suffering on Earth.  I wanted to do more than foster an organization to make beautiful, crafted films.  Inspired by the Greek practice of paideia, our sets serve as dynamic, creative spheres where professional filmmakers act as mentors to emerging artists.  This crackling environment makes for better art.  Through this approach and our evolving filmmaker labs and performer workshops, we empower artists and technicians to master their respective techniques, and enrich their authentic voices to lay the foundation to create more masterfully designed, enlightened, entertaining cinema.

David Britz - Director

OUR MISSION is to advance womankind, arts education and emerging filmmakers through creating crafted, outrageously entertaining films and programs.

OUR VISION is to create systemic and cultural change where women are celebrated and valued worldwide.

From these thoughts, I drafted the four pillars of this company:

Be bold.

We create films with remarkable, landmark roles for women.

Be genius.

We value imagination; exploring fresh ideas grounded in classic technique and structure to create groundbreaking, engaging films with integrity and substance.

Be cultured.

We commit to educating gifted artists and technicians through mentorship, ultimately to further the efforts of the creative community.

Be excellent.

We are a results-driven organization that fosters an energizing, creative environment to craft competitive films with industry professionals whose work we admire.

I hope you walk the path with us, either by enjoying or participating in our films.  Following your heart is a delightly foolish adventure.


           David Britz, Founder