Opportunity Knocks

Here you go.

We are a fashion forward film company: DVAM Productions.  We are looking for artists and leaders who have conviction and belief in their talent and want to make groundbreaking work (i.e. the reason you got into movies in the first place, or the “do what you love…” adage).

DVAM Productions is currently fleshing out a development slate of works that we believe merit feature film releases.  Although there is currently only one future project listed on the site, we are in the late stages of development for two shorts, two experimental projects, and one feature film.  All shorts are intended to become full features.  These initial short projects will be no or stipend pay, but will still require excellent in craftsmanship.  These meaty, creatively challenging projects are intended to show of your ability, voice, style and technique.  The process is also intended to help us figure out if we’re a both good fit to work together for larger, appropriate to well-paying projects.

There are some truly gifted and talented artists out there, but many times this potential goes to waste.  Sometimes it happens because the artist isn’t provided an opportunity to express those talents, and other times it’s because, when a possibility presents itself, the artist never takes the chance.

We believe that with the right combination of talented minds come together is when truly remarkable films get made.  And making remarkable films is the best way to create ongoing, bigger, better work.

If you are an artist who wants to dig into some really challenging and rewarding projects, we want to hear from you.  Please send us a link to your reel, site and/or résumé on our Contact Us page.

We welcome submissions for all areas of filmmaking, especially visual effects supervisors, special effects supervisors, production designers, set designers, sound engineers, ADR supervisors.

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