We madwomen, wandering poets and generous masters of commerce, hence do organize and flourish in this Society of Fools.

We, The Society of Fools…

are the collective made up of the board, staff, collaborators, donors, fellows and volunteers who guide and contribute to the mission and vision of the Licensed Fool Cinema.

What is the Licensed Fool Cinema?

We craft film.  We believe the experience of making a film is a transformational process for everyone involved.  We take pride in our innovative approach to education: we make films in crackling, creative environments where industry professionals mentor emerging talent to create competitive, stylish cinema.  We combine celebrities with worthy causes.  We are a nonprofit organization that is about making the world a more beautiful place where women are more valued worldwide.  We strive to create a positive systemic shift in the way women are presented and perceived in media — and when we have the honor of supporting other organizations who share our mission, all the better.