Board of Fools

We madwomen, wandering poets and generous masters of commerce, hence do organize and flourish in this Society of Fools.

Here’s to the fools and the fools that follow them.

The visionaries and guiders of the organization, the Board of Fools and The Fool’s Advisors work together to accomplish our mission and vision of furthering womankind and arts education.  We celebrate diverse perspectives from people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations and genders.

Board of Fools

Board of Directors

David Britz

Director, Los Angeles, CA

E. Sara Barnes

Broadway Stage Manager, NY

Andrea Laurence

Author, Meridianville, AL

Sarajane Viemeister

Director of Financial Aid, The Dalles, OR

The Fool’s Advisors

Advisory Board

Jeff Garofalo, Esq.

Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

Warren Markowitz, Esq.

Attorney, Las Vegas, NV

Ashanti McGee

Arts Advocate, Las Vegas, NV

Wesley Sellick

Producer, Edmonton, Canada