Bylaws and Polices

We madwomen, wandering poets and generous masters of commerce, hence do organize and flourish in this Society of Fools.

We believe in transparency.

All of our bylaws, policies and finances are shared here for all to see.  Changes or updates in policies or bylaws are posted on this page immediately as they occur.

Our Conflict of Interest Policy

As a nonprofit organization that is focused on enriching the community, we have adopted a conflict of interest policy to protect the organization and the Society of Fools (everyone who participates in or donates to the Licensed Fool Cinema).  Read the full Conflict of Interest Policy here.

Our Whistleblower Policy

Procedures are in place to protect whistleblowers and encourage employees to raise concerns internally so that the Licensed Fool Cinema can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions.  Read the full Whistleblower Policy here.

Our Donor Privacy Commitment

All donor information is kept confidential.  We do not sell, share or trade our donors’ names and personal information with any other entity.  We will not send mailings on the behalf of other organizations to our donors.   Any information given to a third party would only be used for necessary purposes to process a donation.  Any donor who wishes to donate anonymously will not be listed on literature or sites.